The Power of NLP (By Jocelyn Ke)

Vinco Game Changers Series

Speaker: Vernon Lim

28 January 2015

The Power of NLP

Neuro-linguistic Programming in Your Life

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Many of us have heard of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), but have not applied it or perhaps do not understand it very much. Vernon Lim gave us a quick introduction to NLP by sharing parts of his life throughout the evening, seamlessly applying his knowledge of NLP to persuade and influence other people using storytelling.

Vernon had very interesting life stories to tell, one of which is about his first ever successful pitch. While transiting to secondary school, his dad asked him to select the Normal (academic) stream. Not wanting to do an extra year of secondary school, young Vernon pitched the idea of an entire year of monetary savings of school fees, books and allowance if he went to the Express stream. That appealed straight to his dad’s needs, and got Vernon what he wanted too.

Another pivotal moment in Vernon’s life was while working at Mustafa Centre as a struggling student.  He took on the task of writing hundreds of letters by hand to appeal against lesser working hours (which led to lesser wages) on behalf of his colleagues who could not write in English. From this, he determined that education while living in Singapore was a necessity, and he pulled his socks up in school. He later went on to graduate from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Sociology.

Due to a lack of time to complete the entire intended talk, the learning outcomes of today is quickly summarised here:

  • NLP is a neutral tool which can be used in many situations besides influencing others
  • To convince someone to buy something from you, sell to their needs instead of your own
  • Whatever you find difficult to learn, you will find it easy to teach
  • In the eyes of NLP, everyone is an emotional (versus logical) being
  • Logic is used only to justify our emotional feelings
  • Women have more neuro connectors between the limbic system and the neocortex (where language is processed) than men, so most men are less emotionally developed in comparison
  • The Locus Control Framework is the extent that individuals believe that they can or cannot control events happening to them: cause/effect, solution/blame
  • Our brain is designed to not be able to process negative information
  • The Three Filters in our subconscious mind: Generalisation, Distortion and Deletion
  • Influence can be put down to the passive activation of the three filters in the mind using Vernon’s Rapid Rapport System™
  • The four types of knowledge


As mentioned earlier, people are more emotional than they are logical. Is there a way for us to communicate and appeal to our limbic brains (emotional) more directly when attempting to influence people? Vernon says that the answer lies within using the 5 senses (hearing, sight, taste, touch & smell) or simply by storytelling. During the entire duration of him relating and sharing his stories, a rather interesting point came up – no one stopped to question him midway if his stories were real. That was a simple but effective demonstration of how compelling storytelling can bypass our mental filters.

Today, as he stood in front of a group of Vinco members and guests, Vernon thanked his dad for giving him the privilege of hard work. All of his life experiences had shaped him and taught him valuable life lessons, and he hopes that his sharing will also serve to teach us something new.



To find out more about Neuro-linguistic Progamming, check out Tipping the Pivots by Vernon Lim. It is available through his website:

This is a easy-to-read practical book on the application of Neuro-linguistic Programming to achieve personal & professional success.

Vernon Lim is a trainer at Acme Achievers LLP and the Principle Consultant for Solutions Based implementation Company for SMEs and MNCs.


Written by: Jocelyn Ke, Entrepreneur