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“What creates success? This question is what drives us – we create the conditions to influence and transform the people around us. The people we interact, the conversations we have and the experiences we encounter all have the power to change lives.”

Shawn Yeo, Founder of Vinco 

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Some of our past speakers

Nicola Castelnuovo (Founder, Crowdonomic)


Low Chee Keong (Founder, Home-Fix)

CK Low

Wong Su-Yen (Chairman, Marsh & McLennan)


Ben Seow (Founder, Red Dynasty Paintball)

Ben Seow

Dione Song (Marketing Director, Zalora)


Shariff Mohd (SG Blade Runner)


Samuel Seow (Founder, Samuel Seow Law Corp)


Lars (Founder, PRecious Communications)


Mohan Belani (Founder,


Thien Qi Yun (Founder, Envis8ge)


Shiao-Yin (NMP & Founder, Thought Collective)


Ming En (Marketing Manager, Uber)


What Others Say About Us

Vinco gamechanger is a programe that is very powerful in changing my thoughts and mindset. It’s a programme that helps me to empower myself. At the same time learning things that could not be found in the textbooks nor in the internet.  It’s a fun session where we get to meet different successful people or entrepreneurs where they come together and share about their successful story with us (we also get some inside information too!). They also line up lots of fun activities including paintball, rock climbing session etc. Vinco gamechanger is a great session where i strongly recommed others to join in our big family!


I believe that creativity is what’s lacking in a lot of entrepreneurs these days. Creativity in the form of recognizing problems around us and coming up with sustainable solutions for them. Yet, this sort of creativity is precisely what entrepreneurs need to qualify as entrepreneurs. It is my belief and hope that the Vinco Game Changers Education will be part of the solution for this lack of creativity.


As a Vinco member, I truly benefitted in various ways. Not only has this company introduced me to the importance and significance of unconventional Education, it also consists of great culture. Vinco established amazing culture and enabled members to gain great access to good guidance as they put in great effort to organize events and bring in guest speakers that caters to each and every individual. The Vinco Game Changers Education provides a fruitful opportunity and a great platform for us members to interact with new people and eventually stepping out of our comfort zones. Hence, members are able to find a drive and expand one’s creativity due to the abundant exposure, allowing each individual to be motivated to strive for a better future. Vinco is unique as the atmosphere present always seems to be friendly where everyone can communicate with one another as a strong sense of belonging is also instilled in each member. Bonds are easily fostered within this compound therefore making it a great environment for one to develop ideas and expand one’s creativity. Vinco is absolutely extraordinary in nurturing individuals to think out of the box and make new discoveries, enhancing the knowledge of the human brain.


There are lots of motivational talks and fun workshops in the market. Yet, none is able to provide what Vinco can. It is a Fantastic Platform for people to widen their social circles and learn and understand people in different fields. It creates chances for people to step out of their comfort zone excitedly with the vast varieties available. Thank You Vinco for this one stop solution for us  experience life in a different light and learn from all walks of life easily!

Past Events

Silicon Valley Learning Journey (June 2014)

googleWe made our way to what we call a techie’s dreamland – Silicon Valley!

From there we got to immerse into the open and collaborative atmosphere, chat up with the staff of Google, Apple, Evernote and other tech giants in the area.

It was an exhilarating journey, with memories and friends of a lifetime to last.

If you’re in the tech field, this is one journey you don’t want to miss!


Raymond Lim (Senior Manager, Qian Hu) – How We Won The Innovation Excellence Award


Raymond Yip shares his perspective and experiences in 11 years of Qian Hu as a Senior Manager. From work culture, to business practices and amazing innovative initiatives, Raymond has played an integral part of Qian Hu’s success. 

While the adults were focused on systems and culture, the kids were analysing the patterns of fish swimming and got to put their skills to the test. We think that they might have caught half of the fishes present in the pond.

Check our our pictures here!

Charlie Ang (Founder of FutureCraft) – Age Of Digital Disruption


Held at Prudential @ Scotts, Charlie Ang, Founder of FutureCraft and Innovation Institute, shared with us 5 key shifts in business that will impact the way we see and operate in the world today. Charlie answered our burning questions on the shifts in Education and the fast moving pace of the technology.

We met up with old friends and made new ones, each of us leaving the room with newfound inspiration to not only survive but to thrive in the world of tomorrow.

Get a glimpse of our past talk on the future here!


Experience @ Home-Fix Experience Centre

20140416_200531Veering away from the Techies of the West, we decided to head down to visit the Makers of the East. Home-Fix Singapore has graciously opened their doors and workshops to give Vinco Members a taste of the D.I.Y culture in Singapore. It has been an extremely insightful and fun learning experience indeed!

Check out what we have been up to here!

To our pleasant surprise, a wonderful photographer came by to take beautiful shots of our event. You can view her blog here.



Success Breakthrough @ NTU

10154100_540902216029288_1851671897_nThe Entrepreneurs of NTU have gathered today to gleam valuable insights and ask powerful questions about the journey of entrepreneurship. Not unfamiliar with ‘talks and seminars’, participants were surprised and excited to find out that Shawn has planned something incredible for them that would stretch their limits and strengthen their beliefs.

In their own words, “One of the best experiences ever!”

Check out the photos here.


Journey Nepal (Dec 2013)

1517484_496324723820371_838867456_nGet ready for a wild and crazy adventure with us at Journey Nepal!

Journey Nepal encourages you to embrace the wonder of nature, and treat life with gratitude and respect. Climb up to 1600m above sea level, swing down one of the longest zipline in the world and dance around a campfire under a starlit sky! It is one trip you will want to join.

In any journey, it is the people who make the significant difference. We have forged strong lasting relationships with the locals in Nepal. When you are there, you’re no longer a stranger or a tourist. You are a friend.

So friend, click here to check out what we did in the winter of 2013, or here to join us for the 2014 trip!

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