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“What creates success? This question is what drives us – we create the conditions to influence and transform the people around us. The people we interact, the conversations we have and the experiences we encounter all have the power to change lives.”

Shawn Yeo, Founder of Vinco 

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Some of our past speakers

Aldric Chang (Founder, MediaFreaks)


Ming En (Marketing Manager, Uber)


Lars (Founder, PRecious Communications)


Ben Seow (Founder, Red Dynasty Paintball)

Ben Seow

Wong Su-Yen (Chairman, Marsh & McLennan)


Nicola Castelnuovo (Founder, Crowdonomic)


Dione Song (Marketing Director, Zalora)


Low Chee Keong (Founder, Home-Fix)

CK Low

Samuel Seow (Founder, Samuel Seow Law Corp)


Mohan Belani (Founder,


Shariff Mohd (SG Blade Runner)


Charlie Ang (Founder, FutureCraft)

Charlie Ang

What Others Say About Us

There are lots of motivational talks and fun workshops in the market. Yet, none is able to provide what Vinco can. It is a Fantastic Platform for people to widen their social circles and learn and understand people in different fields. It creates chances for people to step out of their comfort zone excitedly with the vast varieties available. Thank You Vinco for this one stop solution for us  experience life in a different light and learn from all walks of life easily!


After attending just three sessions, Vinco has added value for me in the following ways:

-Boost my confidence in seeking out my own venture niche
-Raise my entrepreneurial spirit from inspiration and lessons gained by pioneering players in the business world
-Foster a more real-world education to complement book knowledge with lessons tapped directly from the minds and experience of the speakers who have proven themselves as great business leaders
-Promote innovative thought and culture which can potentially be shaped into novel business solutions
-Create opportunities for sound networking which can lead to potentially fruitful business collaborations
-Provide self improvement tips to help me function as a more effective individual and team player at my work place

With these benefits and more, I am confident that Vinco is poised to change my life for the better and help me build upon my dreams towards realizing my future! With that I look forward to many more Vinco sharing sessions!


The program that Shawn is doing is a very good program, where we can bring in both youth and adults communities together, working together towards thinking positively. The program invites a number of speakers to come in; and each of the speakers that come up have their own journey of life. Each speaker will talk about different topics, and all the topics are connected into one. That’s where the power of positive thinking and acting begins.


This is the only training program I found that can help me to build a more purposeful relationship with successful people and at the same time learn from the top. This is definitely a good investment that will bring you multiply value back.

Seik Yee
Past Events

Kelvin Ng (Founder of VoilàX) – How User Experience (UX) Can Influence A Local Startup

20140822_210828An incredible and detailed session on the relevance and importance of User Experience (UX) for both companies and individuals.

Kelvin Ng, founder of VoilàX showered us with some insightful tips on how to improve and create better systems, and we had tremendously insightful glimpses on creating a great User Experience for customers and the people we meet. 

Click here to check out the pics!

Samuel Seow (Founder, Samuel Seow Law Corp) – Entrepreneurship

IMG_1860An exciting morning at SMU as Samuel Seow shares with us the must-have values of young entrepreneur, using his own personal story as a springboard.

Towards the end of it all he also took time to answer our queries of legal technicalities and what it means for the society.

Samuel was incredibly sincere and inspiring, We all left with strong take-away, both from legal and philosophical standpoints.

To view more of the event, click here.



Shiao-Yin (Founder of The Thought Collective) – Entrepreneurship for the New World

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESHeld at AIA Tampines, we had an inspiring session with Shiao-Yin.

Shiao-Yin told of her entrepreneurship journey in 2 ways – a 40min one filled with challenges and obstacles and a 5min one filled with glamour and aspirations. Both are true, and both poignant and choke full of insights.

Indeed, being an entrepreneur is both glamorous and crazy at the same time.

Take a look at our event here!



Ben Seow (Founder of Red Dynasty Paintball) – Paintball Passion

IMG_0545While not every one can truly say to play at work, Ben Seow, Founder of Red Dynasty Paintball definitely does that! And he has earned it too. Sharing about the challenges and struggles of his entrepreneurship journey, he has inspired us to overcome our own.

Always one to think ahead, Ben shared how he utilised the natural elements of haze and SARS to develop his staff, worked hard to push for the removal of a rule that would change the face of Singapore paintball industry forever and positioned himself to take the largest paintball market share in Singapore!

A brilliant and inspiring session indeed, and we’re eager to meet him this time on the paintball field.

View our gallery of pictures here!


Climbing Course 101 – Kinetic Climbing

IMG-20140626-WA0058A treasure for climbers, Kinetics Climbing is hidden in the ‘ulu’ region of Paya Lebar. Yet Vinco has managed to sought them out and thus here we go for a climbing course taught by distinguished professionals of the wall!

Starting off with rock climbing was simple enough, our guys reached the top with relative ease. Relative to the 2nd half of the session with intense bouldering activities that is!

By the end of it all, we went back with smiles on our faces and ache on our arms. It was a satisfying trip! A couple of us were even looking to join them for their belay 101 course!

Onward and upwards woohoo! Check out our climbing adventures here!


Low Cheong Kee (Founder, Home-Fix) – Of Beliefs & Innovation

14_06_21_vinco_cklow_homefix_62Mr Low Cheong Kee, Founder of Home-Fix shares 21 years of building a business empire through constant innovation. It was extremely exciting and eye-opening to see the depth and effort put into innovation and building a community of Makers and Hackers in Singapore.

Mr Low has indeed come a long way, from a charcoal store to an D.I.Y MNC, we’ll definitely be looking forward to see more of Home-Fix in the future!

Check out our pics here!

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