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“What creates success? This question is what drives us – we create the conditions to influence and transform the people around us. The people we interact, the conversations we have and the experiences we encounter all have the power to change lives.”

Shawn Yeo, Founder of Vinco 

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Some of our past speakers

Mohan Belani (Founder,


Wong Su-Yen (Chairman, Marsh & McLennan)


Ming En (Marketing Manager, Uber)


Ben Seow (Founder, Red Dynasty Paintball)

Ben Seow

Aldric Chang (Founder, MediaFreaks)


Dione Song (Marketing Director, Zalora)


Thien Qi Yun (Founder, Envis8ge)


Nicola Castelnuovo (Founder, Crowdonomic)


Samuel Seow (Founder, Samuel Seow Law Corp)


Charlie Ang (Founder, FutureCraft)

Charlie Ang

Shariff Mohd (SG Blade Runner)


Low Chee Keong (Founder, Home-Fix)

CK Low

What Others Say About Us

This is the only training program I found that can help me to build a more purposeful relationship with successful people and at the same time learn from the top. This is definitely a good investment that will bring you multiply value back.

Seik Yee

The Vinco Game Changers Education is exactly what one needs if he wants to achieve phenomenal success in his life! The success principles realised through the relationship building process and the immersion in the culture of top companies have changed my results in business and life, and I’m sure it will change yours too!

Yew Kiin

As a Vinco member, I truly benefitted in various ways. Not only has this company introduced me to the importance and significance of unconventional Education, it also consists of great culture. Vinco established amazing culture and enabled members to gain great access to good guidance as they put in great effort to organize events and bring in guest speakers that caters to each and every individual. The Vinco Game Changers Education provides a fruitful opportunity and a great platform for us members to interact with new people and eventually stepping out of our comfort zones. Hence, members are able to find a drive and expand one’s creativity due to the abundant exposure, allowing each individual to be motivated to strive for a better future. Vinco is unique as the atmosphere present always seems to be friendly where everyone can communicate with one another as a strong sense of belonging is also instilled in each member. Bonds are easily fostered within this compound therefore making it a great environment for one to develop ideas and expand one’s creativity. Vinco is absolutely extraordinary in nurturing individuals to think out of the box and make new discoveries, enhancing the knowledge of the human brain.


I believe that creativity is what’s lacking in a lot of entrepreneurs these days. Creativity in the form of recognizing problems around us and coming up with sustainable solutions for them. Yet, this sort of creativity is precisely what entrepreneurs need to qualify as entrepreneurs. It is my belief and hope that the Vinco Game Changers Education will be part of the solution for this lack of creativity.

Past Events

Aldric Chang (Founder, MediaFreaks) – Creative Entrepreneurship


Sincere and down-to-earth, Aldric Chang, Founder of MediaFreaks and Swagsoft, shares his struggles and triumphant moments in entrepreneurship.

He gives his opinion on what he feels are the most important factors in entrepreneurship, and dispenses great advice to create a strong foundation for all budding entrepreneurs!

It was an excellent session and we’ll love to hear more from him again!

Check out our event pictures here.

Luv Khemani (Founder, FYB-SG) – Investments, Business and Bitcoin

pic editToday we met up with Luv Khemani, Founder of FYB-SG, the 1st Bitcoin Exchange in Singapore. Bitcoin is not a easy thing to comprehend.

But Luv managed to impress us with his simple yet comprehensive explanation on the technology, implications and possibilities of Bitcoin in our 21st Century Economy. 

With an insightful Q&A with questions flying, Luv provided us with concrete advice on Bitcoin and moving forward.

Take a look at our pictures here!

Dione Song (Marketing Director, Zalora Singapore) – Adventures of Marketing & Ecommerce

IMG-20141004-WA0013Dione Song, Marketing Director of Zalora Singapore, impressed upon us the consistency and strategic thoughts required for marketing, by sharing with us some insights on how Zalora Singapore strives to achieve the best user experience and conversion.

Not solely focused on technical aspects, Dione left us with words of wisdom for anyone who wishes to live life and their business to the fullest!

Take a look at more pictures here!



Bubble Ball Sports

14_09_28_vinco_bubbleballsports_pasirris_025It wasn’t easy but we survived! The bubble ball sports games organised by SingaSports gave us an incredible and fun experience with lots of big smiles and aching arms.

We tumbled and fumbled and bounced our way to great teamwork and great sportsmanship.

And guess what, we’ll be back!

Check out our crazy pictures here!


Qi Yun (Founder, Envis8ge) – My Grandmother Can Do Social Media Better Than You

_DSC5557A truly in-depth discussion w loads of insights by Qi Yun, Founder of Envis8ge.

Unlike most other Social Media talks, this one is laden with useful tips and information that held us spellbound! We love the inpromptu case study and the study of detailed system put in place for Social Media strategy planning.

Check out our event pics here, held at SCAPE Singapore.




Learning Journey to Microsoft Singapore

_DSC4768Besides being simply amazed by the innovation and technology Microsoft has to offer, we were greatly appreciative of the piercing insights on Microsoft’s business philosophy, work culture and products.

Our hosts were truly informative and answered all our tough questions with gusto and frankness.

With all the systems, culture and people in place, no wonder Microsoft is poised to ‘Be What’s Next’.

Check out our pictures during the Learning Journey here.

Shariff (SG Blade Runner) – Living The Dream

IMG-20140904-WA0032Shariff has prevailed against all odds to become the inspirational person he is today, with accomplishments unmatched many abled-body people.

Indeed, it was extremely moving to hear his life story, and how again and again he has been tested to perform to his best. He has taught us that we are only disabled when we think we are, and we can achieve what others think is impossible when we set our minds to it. 

Held in NTU and supported by the NTU Entrepreneurship Society, it was a truly inspiring event.

Check out our pictures here!

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