Game Changers Community

“What creates success? This is what we are about – we create the conditions to influence and transform the people around us. The people we interact, the conversations we have and the experiences we encounter all have the power to change lives.” – Shawn Yeo


We believe that most people are part of community have cultures that are competitive and individualistic in nature. This stunts the growth and wellbeing of these community members.

The Vinco Game Changers Community (Singapore) was designed with the purpose of bringing together a community with the best minds and environments so that we might learn and support one another towards greater growth and learning. Vinco’s cause has gained the support and advice of successful people, companies and experts from various industries, and is poised to create a global platform for growth and opportunities for everyone.

Each Vinco event is a lesson on its own, and a vault of opportunities. The moment of inspiration we have through words is powerful enough to change our paradigm. The actions we see an encounter through others, will influence us and change us. The very next person you meet here could lead to your biggest breakthrough yet. The very next words from an invited speaker could transform your life. The very next sale could come from a referral in the event. The possibilities are endless!


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How you can contribute to the Vinco Community:

  • Become a Dream Spotlight Speaker
  • Become a Connector
  • Become a Blogger
  • Become an Event Sponsor
  • Turn up and bring your friends along!


Become a Dream Spotlight Speaker

Every member has a dream to fulfil. Unfortunately for the majority of people in our society, dreams stay unrealized. Vinco has created a community of members based on Collaborative Dreams. Our dreams are interlinked, and only by working together, we can fulfil even bigger and greater dreams, faster.

In Dream Spotlight, this is an opportunity to inspire and be inspired. Dream Spotlight takes place in selected Vinco events. Take stage for 7 minutes and share passionately about your deepest WHY and your greatest DREAMS. Share the reasons for doing what you do, and rally everyone to work with you on your dreams. Use this great opportunity to tap on the audience to garner the network, resources and support you need in your pursuit of success! Use the stage as a platform of growth and opportunity, for when you speak and inspire, the Dream Spotlight is on you.


Become a Connector

Through in-depth study and our experiences dealing with cultures from a multitude of organsiations, we have learnt a thing or two! We’ve realised that one of the surest traits of a collaborative community culture is this – members of this community are ‘Connectors’. Connectors are people who connect two unrelated people together, in hopes that these two may mutually benefit from one another.

We hope to create a collaborative culture in the Vinco Game Changers Community, and we sincerely hope that you will become a connector to at least one person you meet in our events! On another note, if you personally feel there might be someone who could be a speaker and add tremendous value to the audience, or someone whom you feel might benefit from participating in our events, do connect us!


Become A Blogger

Love to write? Then become a blogger and write away! Take note of your feelings, your learning and the people you’ve met. Jot down your experiences and create a lasting impression with your literary prowess. More importantly, your words will be of utmost value to those who wish to attend our events but are not able to.


Become An Event Sponsor

Running an event such as this is not easy. We’re doing this because we feel the need to build a collaborative community focused on help one another, and we’ll like to call out to potential sponsors wish to support us in this cause.


Turn up & Bring Your Friends Along!

Once registered, we urge you to turn up – it’s basic respect and courtesy. We’ll see you at the next event!


 Keep updated on our next event!

*Like our events? Drop us a word of thanks to let us know we’re doing well! It’ll mean a lot to us and keep us going!*