The Changing Talent Landscape And What It Means For You (By Shawn)

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My articles will focus more on opinions and some learning for the events, rather than detailed facts and lessons from the speaker. If you like to know more what our main soeaker Su-Yen shared, feel free to check out our Vinco Member Jocelyn’s post here.

This event marks a great start to the VGCE series of 2015. In 2014, we built a pretty good platform with an intake of 74 members. This year, we have switch our focus from building the platform to building the community


There’s a big reason for this, which I’ll cover in another post.

This session was great for many reasons, with much credit given to our 2 wonderful speakers and audience of the day.

Su-Yen is a really charming lady who amazes me with her determination to give nothing but her best. She tailored her topic well do the demographics of the event, and is so far one of the most giving speakers yet. She was not shy about sharing information and answered our many questions with gusto. She even stayed on for an hour after the event to talk to our members and share her insights, tailored to each unique circumstance. Totally awesome.

Our first Dream Spotlight of 2015 (and the lifetime of VGCE) is none other than Shahul. I met him mid last year and was impressed by his immense curiosity and desire to make a difference. He shared with me about his dreams of building a sustainable green world, and I was simply drawn into his passion. Unlike many, this is a guy whose actions resonate with his words. As a true tinkerer, he embarked on a project to create a sustainable watering system for plants. I knew I had to get him to share about his dreams, and true enoguh he did not disappoint! Shahul did really well and I sincerely felt that he lived up to the Dream Spotlight motto of ‘Inspire and be inspired’.
Jocelyn has also stepped up to volunteer as a blogger for Vinco events. So for all who have not attended the events and yet want to know what was covered, you have her to thank! She is a great writer with an even greater heart. I read her post and it’s incredibly detailed so it’ll be useful for those of you who wish to study it. Still, there’s no better way to learn and get more opportunities than to present. Written words are not able to capture the dynamics of the event in its entirety.
I really like the enthusiastic and warm environment brought forth by the audience.¬† They’re very supportive, with many linking up connections and advice to our Dream Spotlight Speaker Shahul. People like Chris came in early as well to help set up the space while about 7 members stayed back to clear up. Truly appreciate the support given and I know that the vinco community will be an exceptional one as we continue to build the culture and calibre of our members. In fact, I do know that several of the members are meeting up over the week to take their discussions furthur.
To our Collaborative Dreams,

Shawn Yeo, Culture Builder