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Learning Journey to Microsoft Singapore

_DSC4768Besides being simply amazed by the innovation and technology Microsoft has to offer, we were greatly appreciative of the piercing insights on Microsoft’s business philosophy, work culture and products.

Our hosts were truly informative and answered all our tough questions with gusto and frankness.

With all the systems, culture and people in place, no wonder Microsoft is poised to ‘Be What’s Next’.

Check out our pictures during the Learning Journey here.

Raymond Lim (Senior Manager, Qian Hu) – How We Won The Innovation Excellence Award


Raymond Yip shares his perspective and experiences in 11 years of Qian Hu as a Senior Manager. From work culture, to business practices and amazing innovative initiatives, Raymond has played an integral part of Qian Hu’s success. 

While the adults were focused on systems and culture, the kids were analysing the patterns of fish swimming and got to put their skills to the test. We think that they might have caught half of the fishes present in the pond.

Check our our pictures here!

Experience @ Home-Fix Experience Centre

20140416_200531Veering away from the Techies of the West, we decided to head down to visit the Makers of the East. Home-Fix Singapore has graciously opened their doors and workshops to give Vinco Members a taste of the D.I.Y culture in Singapore. It has been an extremely insightful and fun learning experience indeed!

Check out what we have been up to here!

To our pleasant surprise, a wonderful photographer came by to take beautiful shots of our event. You can view her blog here.