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Silicon Valley Learning Journey (June 2014)

googleWe made our way to what we call a techie’s dreamland – Silicon Valley!

From there we got to immerse into the open and collaborative atmosphere, chat up with the staff of Google, Apple, Evernote and other tech giants in the area.

It was an exhilarating journey, with memories and friends of a lifetime to last.

If you’re in the tech field, this is one journey you don’t want to miss!


Journey Nepal (Dec 2013)

1517484_496324723820371_838867456_nGet ready for a wild and crazy adventure with us at Journey Nepal!

Journey Nepal encourages you to embrace the wonder of nature, and treat life with gratitude and respect. Climb up to 1600m above sea level, swing down one of the longest zipline in the world and dance around a campfire under a starlit sky! It is one trip you will want to join.

In any journey, it is the people who make the significant difference. We have forged strong lasting relationships with the locals in Nepal. When you are there, you’re no longer a stranger or a tourist. You are a friend.

So friend, click here to check out what we did in the winter of 2013, or here to join us for the 2014 trip!